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3…2…1… Done - delivers now even faster in the United Kingdom

The online print shop UNITEDPRINT SE and its well-known brand is implementing its new standard and express delivery with even faster delivery times on many of its products throughout the United Kingdom! introduces its New “Fast Delivery Service” in the United Kingdom

The online print shop UNITEDPRINT SE and its well-known brand is implementing its new standard and express delivery with even faster delivery times for its entire product portfolio throughout the United Kingdom.

Selling print online

Web-to-print not for you? Fujifilm’s John Davies explains why you might need to think again, looking at the business opportunities and expansion possibilities that often go hand-in-hand with the successful implementation of a web-to-print solution.

It’s probably fair to say that with a few exceptions, print companies aren’t having the easiest time of it at the moment. The growth of non printed media, the current economic climate and the fact that print buyers are forever looking for more value for their money, all seem to be working against print companies. Despite all this, print still has an important part to play in how we communicate messages and information. However, without a doubt, selling print needs to become more targeted.

MIS Software for Digital Print, Sign Making and Creative Companies

From its foundation in 2001, Clarity Software, a division of Touch Systems Ltd, has written and implemented hundreds of successful MIS systems for SMEs in Digital Print and Sign Making. With around 2,500 active global users of its primary product Clarity, Clarity Software has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge from its customers and has evolved this invaluable information into cutting edge functionality for all users to benefit from.

Bringing clarity to the cloudy issue of plate terminology

We examine the facts behind plate naming conventions and ask if some suppliers need to be a little more lean with their claims of green? Today, more than ever, printers are striving to work out how to create a prime position for their businesses, closely examining how they can win more business and reduce day-to-day running costs. With this on their minds, the added pressure of being ‘environmentally friendly’ is perhaps not as high up the agenda as it was...

Is it time to move on?

What are the most important points to consider when looking to invest in digital flatbed technology. As a provider of print in a highly competitive visual communications industry, emerging from a deep global recession but needing to grow your business, now is the time to sit back and take stock. Take a long hard look at your business and above all ask yourself, what is it that your customers are looking for today?

The future of digital is making the work flow

John Davies, business strategy manager, workflow, Fujifilm Europe, looks at how printers can future-proof their workflow solutions today to stand them in good stead for the technologies of tomorrow and beyond. Today’s print businesses are embracing digital technologies at an unprecedented speed. The ‘on-demand’ advantages of digital print are ideal for cash-strapped marketers, with variable data benefits being the icing on the cake, but there are now a whole host of presses available that will satisfy performance requirements.

A Printer's Guide to JDF

tharstern-coverCan you create a fully automated end-to-end production workflow in your business?
By Keith McMurtrie, a leading expert in JDF integration in the printing industry.

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